Development Communication Society

Communicating effectively

What is development communication?

The term 'development' means 'positive change' or 'change for the better'. Such a change is expected to enrich our life, elevate our lifestyle to modern, scientific and hygienic level. Let us consider an example. The north-eastern region is home to several agricultural universities which carry out research to improve variety of seeds, better farming techniques etc. But the real purpose of such research will be served only when it reaches the target people or the farmers. The aim of the research is to educate the farming community about the innovations to help them get better yields.
For many decades, there have been elaborate discussions in the global fora about how to measure 

development of a nation, a society and of an individual. Several theories and standards have been propounded by different groups of experts, which have been tested for their comprehensiveness at various points of time.
The reach and access to information is vital for society in this 'information age'. Extending the services of meaningful information to masses at their doorsteps is the business of development communication. At this point, it will be appropriate to say that 'information is power' because the world is almost entirely dependent on this tool. Therefore, information can be taken as a measurement of a nation's progress.

Extract from IDOl, MCJ study material.